Gender Economics Seminar- October 1st 2018

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Center for Critical Gender Studies, AUCA

and Gender Economics Research Center, Narxoz University




Time: 16:00, October 1st, 2018

Place: room 435, AUCA, Bishkek


The Narxoz-AUCA Gender Economics Seminar’s bring together scholars from both institutions to engage in productive collaboration and to produce new knowledge in the area of gender economics. This seminar will feature discussion of ongoing research projects with focus on gender budgets, women’s economic empowerment, gender statistics, household economics and division of labor, and gender pay gap.


Seminar program


Presenter Research area


Title of presentation
Zaira Stbaeva, (Women’s Economic Empowerment) Women’s entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan: Situation and perspectives


Gender Budgets Gender approach to planning budgetary expenditures in agriculture.
Enuar Asamidanov, MPP  Household Economics and Division of Labor Intrahousehold Bargaining over Parenting
Gaukhar Kenzhegulova


Gender Statistics Gender statistics: Gender gap in educational system


Anel Kireeva


 Gender Pay Gap


Gender pay gap


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