Gender Studies Concentration Profile in AUCA


  • General Description:


AUCA Liberal Arts Gender Studies Concentration is the first and the only undergraduate program of its type in Central Asia offering US accredited degree through a partnership with Bard College. It is aimed at preparing young specialists with inter-disciplinary background in gender studies to serve not only in Central Asian institutions but also at the global level. Being a student of Gender Studies Concentration will allow you to allow students to begin to understand the complex issues related to gender in society, how these differ across cultures, and provide students a background in Gender Studies as a discipline. The current prominence of gender issues and Gender Studies and the compelling need of the Kyrgyz and Central Asian community for the experts in this particular field would enable the graduates of the program to be of vital importance not only in their local communities but in the region as well.

Differences between Minor and concentration – While doing a Gender Studies Minor provides an analytical background along with critical and practical sociological skills, a concentration allows students to further develop these skills and their content knowledge, as well as to gain deeper specialization in the field. The Concentration includes courses more classes than the Minor, however it allows students to gain additional knowledge in the field of Liberal Arts. This makes possible for students to enter a Master’s program in various liberal arts and social sciences fields; and gives them supplementary knowledge in the field of Gender Studies specifically, which allow developing higher level of criticality and understanding of everyday life.



  • Program Content and Requirements:


The program is comprised of both required and elective courses. Below is a list of required core courses:

Required Core Courses level credits
  1. Gender Studies
100 6
  1. Sociology of Gender
300 6
  1. History of Sexuality
300 6
        Elective major courses – 7 courses
  1. Human Sexuality (PSY)
300 6
  1. Interpersonal Relationships (PSY)
300 6
  1. Gender, Kinship, and Family (ANTH)
300 6
  1. Gender & Development (PSY/ANTH/SOC)
400 6
  1. Sexualities & Masculinities (SOC)
300 6
  1. Qualitative Methods (SOC)
200 6
  1. Gender & Media (JMC)
400 6
  1. Independent Study
300 6
  1. Women and International Relations (ICP)
400 6
  1. Women’s Voices in History (GEN)
200 6
  1. Power & Resistance (SOC)
300 6
  1. Advanced Gender Theories (SOC)
300 6


To graduate with Gender Studies Concentration on Liberal Arts and Science Major Students must complete following credit requirements:

  1. General Education Courses: 82 credits (14 courses)
  2. Liberal Arts and Science required Courses: 24 credits (4 courses)
  3. Gender Studies Concentration Courses: 60 credits (10 courses)
    • Required Courses: 60 credits (10 courses) + 18 credits (3 courses)  
        • Research Methods – 6 credits
        • Senior Thesis Seminar – 6 credits
        • Internship – 6 credits
  4. Electives outside Concentration: 56 credits (9 courses)

Overall: 240 credits

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