Queer Literature: Fiction as Activism

March 26, 2018 to March 26, 2018 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM


Queer Literature: Fiction as Activism

Reading of short stories by Juliet Jacques and Mohira Suyarkulova. Introduction by Georgy Mamedov

March, 26 (Monday), 17:30, Room #410


Stories and novels by, about and for queer people have been a recent trend specifically in science and speculative fiction. Many of these stories have been written not by professional writers but by activists. Fiction becomes powerful means in the hands of activists struggling against patriarchic and heteronormative discrimination and exclusion of queer subjectivities and bodies. In the imaginative worlds of literature queer subjects do not just get visibility and voice – they become protagonists of change leading the entire humanity to the utterly different reality. If you don’t want to run after the outgoing spaceship to the Future join us at the reading and discussion of the cutting the edge queer fiction from London and Bishkek.


Juliet Jacques is a London based writer and filmmaker. In addition to publishing two books, Rayner Heppenstall: A Critical Study (Dalkey Archive, 2007) and Trans: A Memoir (Verso, 2015), her fiction, essays and journalism have appeared in Granta, The Guardian, The London Review of Books, Sight & Sound, Frieze and many other publications. She was included on The Independent on Sunday Pink List of influential LGBT people in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Juliet will read a story The Woman in the Portrait which was written in 2014 and published in Five Dials magazine, issue 33b – which only had women writing for it.


Mohira Suyarkulova is a researcher, teacher and activist. She teaches at the AUCA Sociology Department. Her article Fashioning the Nation: Gender and Politics of Dress in Contemporary Kyrgyzstan won the Henry Huttenbach prize for the best article published in Nationalities Papers journal in 2016. Mohira will read a story A New Life from Monday which was originally written in Russian for the collection of short stories – Utterly Other («Совсем Другие», Штаб-Press, 2018). The story was translated into English earlier this year by the London based Calvert Journal to be read at the inaugurating event of their project Being LGBTQ – a major new series exploring and celebrating LGBTQ life in the culture and politics of the New East.


Georgy Mamedov is an author, teacher and activist. He teaches critical visual culture at AUCA and he is a co-editor of the Utterly Other – collection of feminist and queer sci-fi stories written by the post-Soviet feminist and LGBT activists. In collaboration with the organization Labrys Georgy runs biweekly Political Information events at the LGBT community center in Bishkek.

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